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Buying a resale property!

Questions often arise why to buy a resale property?

If you also have similar doubts while on the verge of purchasing a resale property then let Lane55 help you guide with some practical information about some viable reasons to shop resale properties.

Add a property with us

Inspired by this philosophy, Lane55 is established to inspire buyers to invest on resale properties for a few reasons including

- Great property at lesser price
- Flats or houses at your chosen location
- Opportunity to buy a property at locations with zero new developments
- Ready-to-move in or use as rental property
- Quick loan availability
- Pay less tax if the property is comparatively old
- Sale the property anytime when the market is high with us

and that is sincerity and integrity


Affordable than new properties

The resale properties are comparatively cheaper than new real estate developments. In a strict budget, buying a well-maintained flat or house with proper paperwork can be a lucrative option instead of spending a huge sum of money on a new property.

Moreover, if you’re in a hurry to move in a flat or house in a limited budget the Lane55 is there to help you find the best suitable residential properties for sale and the properties available for rent.

Ideal considering the location

Location is one of the prerogatives for home shoppers and tenants. So, if you have a personal fascination for any city or district across India, you’ll not be disappointed here. Lane55 maintains the biggest resale property listings.

When you wish to buy or rent a property is a definite posh location perhaps affording a new property might be difficult. However, if you find a nice house or an apartment in the given area then considering the property will be lucrative.


Resale properties are in high demand

Resale properties are always in high demand if the building construction is good, location is highly desirable, have excellent access to nearby markets, hospitals, schools, colleges and amusement parks or shopping malls then surely buying a resale property is desirable.

Let us arrange a call back

Ready to move in

Here at Lane55, many buyers and interested tenants connect with us and request us to find a property which is ready to move in. Often they have to shift to a new city because of transferable jobs and sometimes they’re in real hurry to step into a ready-to-move apartment or house.

In this scenario, finding a ready-to-move in resale apartment or a house and even a condo will be an excellent option.


Pre decorated & installed amenities

Every one of us dream of having their own abode. Looking for a new flat sometimes becomes tadious and longer than expected, many of us find it lucrative to settle for a resale property! Yes, you heard it right.

Resale properties are pre-decorated and many previous property owners leave significant amenities in the home which is a plus. So, if want to eliminate the cost of revamping or redecorating the newly purchased property then shop the best resale property at Lane55.

More profits by selling when the market is high

If you often relocate interstate then buying a resale property is comparatively better for buying the home at a cheaper rate. Fortunately, you might make more profits while selling the property before moving if the market is high. Make sure, while purchasing the resale property, the previous owner has cleared mortgages or even if you buy the home with the mortgage, take proper legal assistance to avoid issues while selling the property. Connect with us for the best buyers we have across India.


Give us a call or take a membership to find the A-One resale flats, condos and homes at Lane55.

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