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Know about the place!

Imagine this. It’s 6 pm on a pleasant Friday evening and you’re bicycling home from work on a tree-fringed dedicated bicycle lane, excited about the weekend ahead. There’s no rude honking around or nasty traffic snarls as the traffic moves smoothly down the 4-lane road. There are no dug-up patches or tangled messes of wires above; because everything from electricity to the internet is efficiently networked underground. You’ve reached your home that is energy efficient, enjoys a 24/7 potable water supply, and has every bit of rainwater harvested. Also, all the wastewater generated by your home is recycled. You’ve also just paid for all your utility services from your mobile. As the city’s energy-efficient LED lights to come alive, you contemplate your options for the weekend: A trip to the jungle safari wildlife park, or a live cricket match at one of the biggest stadiums in the world. All this is not a dream; but a reality in Naya Raipur, which is emerging as one of the best-planned smart cities in India.


We have opened up powerful new pathways to market, besides fully enabling and supporting the traditional routes through full service high street estate agents. It's absolutely free. No hidden charges, so get going now! We are here to let you experience the properties of Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Let's have a look on the kind of properties we can suggest for you.

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